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Dream Dolls

Dream dolls are dolls made to aide someone in getting a better nights sleep.

This flavor of dream doll was something I had constructed a few years ago for my munchkin who was constantly having nightmares and I did not see a logical reason for a one year old to be having nightmares.

Made of simple felt, stuffed with cotton and filled with the following:

1: Amethyst crystal charged with as much calming, loving, peaceful energy I could muster
1: Pinch of dried Lavender
1: Small Crystal Quartz charged strongly with the directions of protection and driving away anything that may be causing the dreams.
Stitched together with black thread with the intentions of binding all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

Tuck the dream doll in the bottom of the pillowcase and let the dolly do its work.

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Connecting Poppets to People

So first I take my poppet or vessel and I think about what type of connection I want this poppet to have.

Is it a one way show or a round trip?

What do I mean by one way? Well am I only sending something to the person on the other end? Or maybe I want to draw something out of them! This is a one way connection because it is not sending/receiving back and forth.

So that would lead us into round trips! These type of poppets not only send your intentions and energy along, but they’ll also return feedback.

Once I have figured out what kind of connection I want to do then I think about who I want to connect this poppet or vessel to.

Now this is the part most will find frustrating because I rely on visualization. I get in a comfortable position, or start an action that will allow me to focus.

If I am sitting still I will in my mind seek out the person I am connecting to, if it is a one way sending line I will pull a “thread” from my poppet or vessel and tie it to the connectee. If it’s a one way receiving, I will pull my thread from the conectee to the doll. In the instance of a round trip I start with my thread from the connectee and pull it to my poppet or vessel, through my poppet or vessel and back to the connectee tied off in a different spot than where I pulled from. In all of the above cases after the initial loops and connections I will go back and strengthen these threads based on what kind of work I’m doing (long term chains, short term ribbons etc. etc.). When I am done I will cut myself away from the work and sever all connections to myself away from my new connection poppet or vessel. This to me keeps the lines pure for later work.

The steps if I am in motion work much the same but I wanted to share that sometimes I cannot focus on my work unless I’m moving. To facilitate this I will have headphones going with music that my feet can move to and I will dance using my arms to direct my lines of connections.

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Self Esteem boosting poppet

This is a type of poppet used to heal self views, self worth, and people who beat up on themselves. This can be used on yourself or it can be used once connected on a friend who you are worried about.
This type of doll is not a replacement for therapy, and professional help but can be a good tool in aiding along side those.

First, you must design your poppet to be like your target, most of the time the way my Poppets look isn’t that imperitive to my working, but in this case it is super helpful. I prefer stuffed dolls for these because I can put trinkets that represent things to do with the target and herbs for healing inside the poppet.

Once you are done designing and putting your doll together, connect your doll to your target be that yourself or a friend in need.

Now the long game, this is a long term poppet that does require upkeep but it’s so worth it when your target becomes stable in their self worth and belief in themselves.

Take care of the poppet in the manner in which your target should be taking care of themselves. Offer it little meals to feed the Target’s spirit, brush your Poppets hair to help them with energy for self care, treats to bring a little joy, shinies to make them feel dazzling, put crystals around the poppet to aid in what that crystal means to you (like obsidian to deflect negativity from your target). On top of these physical things, be the voice of change in your target. Whisper to them how amazing they are, how loved they are, how they are worth the world, that you believe in them, be that kind voice and lend them your strength as you whisper in their ear.

You do not have to keep up on all of these little things every day, but make it a regular habit to take care of this poppet to work on the target taking care of and believing in themselves.

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Band Wagon


With no one knowing what’s really going on with Tumblr it’s time for me to hop on the band wagon and start moving over favorites of my work.

I don’t want to backup and move the entire blog of mine over, several reasons but mostly because there was a lot of shit posting.

So if anyone actually follows me slowly expect a migration of what little original content I had.